St Edmunds College has consistently produced outstanding sportsmen, particularly in Rugby, thanks to the support of dedicated staff, students and our many wonderful volunteers. Each season, we rely on the assistance of parents to fill important team support roles. Please consider volunteering!


SEC Rugby Committee
Head of Co-curriculaDavid Mead
PresidentMick Pini
SecretaryDonna Hofmeier
TreasurerJean Scheckenbach
Information OfficerMarnie Edwards
Catering/Canteen ManagerLeanne Ring
Sponsorship/Fundraising OfficersBen Johnson / Guy Mahoney
First Aid - main tentMJ McCleod
[more volunteers needed please]
Old Boys/Friends Liaison Matt de Jongh

You can also ask your team support crew (coach or manager) a question by leaving a comment on their age specific webpage on the menu above (eg. U18 ect…)


Team Support Crews
1st XV- CoachesPat Langtry
- Manager Tracey Brown
- First AidWill Maher
2nd XV- CoachTim Sedgwick
- ManagerClaire Park
- First AidWill Maher
3rd XV- CoachAndrew Castrission
- ManagerTracey Brown
- First AidWill Maher
U16 Blues- CoachTim MacarthurDavid Mead
- ManagerRuth Winchester
- First Aid
U16 Whites- CoachChris Uzabeager
- ManagerRobert Aboud
- First Aid
U15 Blues- CoachKarim Sedour
- ManagerMary Jane McLeod
- First Aid
U15 White- CoachWesley Willcott
- Manager
- First Aid
U14 Blues- CoachMatt Loadsman
- ManagerAndrew McCoola
- First Aid
U14 Whites- CoachAdam Billiards
- ManagerColleen Le Grande
- First Aid
14 Gold- Coach
- Manager
- First Aid
U13 Blues- CoachStu Lachlan
- ManagerKathryn Davis
- First Aid
U13 Whites- CoachGlen Davis
- ManagerDeb Baker
- First Aid
U12 Blues- CoachPeter Henry
- ManagerJonathon Toze
- First Aid
U12 White- Coach
- ManagerChristine Fowler
- First Aid
U11 Blues- CoachJono McGrathRichard Bond
- ManagerKate Odgers
- First Aid
U11 White- CoachDominic Kelly
- ManagerLisa Huggins
- First Aid
U11 Gold- Coach
- Manager
- First Aid
U10 Blue- CoachBrad Darmody
Matt De Jongh
- ManagerElla Morella
- First Aid
U10 White- CoachGavin ParkScott McIroy
- ManagerPaul Farrell
- First Aid
U10 Gold- CoachRyan NicholsonWill Sheckenbach
- ManagerIan Townley
- First Aid



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