the glue that holds everything together…….We cannot thank you enough for your time & effort!

The Manager is responsible for day to day contact with officials and parents to keep them up-to-date and get them involved (Coaches are responsible for day to day contact with the boys).

The Manager has overall responsibility for:


  • Keeping the Coach, Rugby Committee and parents informed of any issues that arise which may impact on the smooth running of the team or the player’s enjoyment of their rugby experience. Providing feedback to parents regarding the rugby committee’s or Coach’s decisions and actions
  • Ensuring Parents are aware of the ACTJRU’s Code of Behaviour. It is essential that all people involved in St Edmund’s Rugby (players, officials, parents and spectators) are aware of what is expected of them
  • Sending a weekly email to parents about next weeks game – ensuring all players know who they are playing, venue and at what time, as well as reminding parents who are rostered on that week for specific tasks etc  (Note. Where more than one ground is listed for a club (eg. Vikings) on the ‘Rugby Fields’ webpage, please let your parent group know which is the  correct ground your team will be playing on) – let parents know that they should visit our homepage to view late game changes
  • Encouraging the players to learn and use the War-Cry


  • Establishing an email and mobile phone contact list for the team – extremely handy for late notices
  • Ensuring their team has a nominated first aid officer (St Edmunds Rugby will help volunteers with training & equipment, refer to Sports First Aid page)ask parents to volunteer!
  • Arranging a parent roster for the season to: a. Staff the canteen/BBQ for 30 minutes prior to a home game.


Unlike other sports and clubs, St Edmunds does not ask parents to pay for registration fees to play rugby, instead the rugby committee relies on proceeds from the canteen to purchase/update equipment ect for the boys. It is extremely important that each teams parent group contributes and supports the canteen 
  • Seek assistance from parent(s) to organize a team function (preferably early in the season) so the boys and parents get to know each other – it will help build team morale and mateship (eg. BBQ @ an Adventure Playground or team dinner).
  • Out of town games are a great opportunity to build team morale by suggesting a place to meet for lunch after the game before everybody travels back (most towns have a McDonalds or counter meal at the local pub – quick ideas which can cater for a large group)

On game day Manager’s are responsible for:

  1. Water bottles and holder are provided to each team - Need to ensure these are taken to each game. Remind whoever is running the water for the coach, that the kids do not put their mouths on the water bottle; the water needs to be squirted into their mouths.
  2. Organising a sideline touch judge to assist the referee
  3. Establishing and keeping a current player list for each game, which is available if requested (at any time during the season) by the ACTJRU or opposition Coaches
  4. Recording game statistics using the St Edmunds score sheet template and obtaining the referee signature at the end of each game – handy for any disputes that may arise
  5. Recording SEC Player of the game – 3 players are selected each week, and receive points for their effort
    Points are normally allocated by the coach on a 3 - 2 - 1 point basis. The points accumulate and awards are presented at the end of the season. Note. Awards are not allocated based solely on these points, coaches also take into account efforts at training & other contributions to rugby ect…. Points allocated must be sent through to the Master in Charge of Rugby.
  6. Notifying players in the event of possible cancellation through bad weather or any other circumstance – please check the main radio stations & this website. For ground closures, the ACTJRU has to wait on notification from the ACT Government prior to cancelling or postponing games, this can occur as late as 9am. If there is any doubt, it’s best to just inform the team to go to the venue and wait for a decision (better to be there in case the game goes ahead and risk missing the start or forfeiting)


Being responsible for certain tasks doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. You are not on your own, there are always plenty of parents at training and on game days. You can and should ask parents to assist with various tasks if needed!

Scoresheet templates:

Score Sheet Template iuseful for older age groups

Score Sheet Template ii - useful for younger age groups

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