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Sports First Aid

We need you….really!

St Edmunds Rugby maintains a first aid tent, occupied by a qualified first aid person at all home games.

We would like to expand this service by having a trained sports first aid person attached to every team. This will allow our boys to have first hand support both at home and away games.

Consider becoming your son’s (rugby team’s) first aid person! It doesn’t really matter if you can’t make every game, you may be able to share this duty with another interested parent. The first step is to get qualified.

St Edmunds Rugby invites people interested in becoming a sports first aid trainer for St Edmunds Rugby and or expanding their sports first aid knowledge to complete the registration form and upload a copy using our contact form so we can assist in arrangements.

Please refer to the Safer Sports Program calendar for upcoming course dates.

 ACT – Safer Sport Program – Registration Form


Please Note:  If required, rugby players must supply their own strapping tape


Injury report templates:


Serious Injury Report Form



Sports First Aid Resources

Sports Trainer information

Concussion First Responder App

Medical researcher Dr Ryan Kohler, a match physician for Super Rugby’s Brumbies, has developed a free mobile and online tool kit to help parents, coaches and officials identify concussion symptoms and begin effective treatment.

Key features for FirstResponder™:

-     Sideline: perform on-the-spot concussion assessment and data collection
-     View concussion event details, assess memory function the number and nature of symptoms
-     Generate real – time sideline and clinical concussion injury reports
-     Send sideline concussion reports to medical doctors from their iOS device
-     View all the concussion warning signs to check for 72 hours after concussion

Click on the image below to download the First Responder app from the Sports Concussion Australasia website or iTunes:           

first responder concussion app           itunes app store


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